'You never cover this': Giuliani has fresh meltdown on Fox News over Biden's 'drug addict' son
Rudy Giuliani appears on Fox News Sunday (screen grab)

President Donald Trump's attorney, Rudy Giuliani, went on a conspiratorial rant on Sunday involving Joe Biden's son and billionaire George Soros.

During an appearance on FOX News Sunday, Giuliani tried to smear Hunter Biden as a corrupt "drug addict" who was doing illegal business in the Ukraine.

According to the president's attorney, Biden tried to cover up his son's business dealings in a conspiracy that involves Soros.

Guest host John Roberts asked Giuliani if it was "appropriate" for him to try have to the Bidens investigated.

"This began with someone saying, this information can clear your client," Giuliani opined. "The corruption in Ukraine about the corruption in Ukraine between the Ukraine and the Democratic Party, the ambassador and the FBI agent who investigated."

Giuliani charged that the "lazy press" is refusing to cover the story.

"This town protects Joe Biden," he ranted. "He has been taking money from his public office for years."

"The kid, he takes him on Air Force 2 to China," Giuliani continued. "The kid unfortunately is a drug addict."

When Roberts tried to ask a question, Giuliani accused him of not being "shocked" by the Biden allegations.

"You never cover this!" Giuliani interrupted.

Watch the video below.