CNN conservative slams GOP for 'he's trolling you' defense of Trump: 'Get rid of him for joking about serious things!'
Matt Lewis of The Daily Beast on (Photo: CNN/Screenshot)

Conservative writer Matt Lewis on Monday dropped the hammer on Republicans who have been excusing President Donald Trump's behavior by claiming that he was just "joking" about asking the Chinese government to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden.

During a CNN panel discussion on Trump's latest antics, Lewis shredded Sen. Marco Rubio, who on Friday claimed that Trump wasn't serious about asking China to probe his political opponents.

"I don't think China or Ukraine thinks it's a joke when the president asks them to do something," he said. "Let's assume for a minute that he's just trolling us all and he is joking about things that are serious. I think that makes him unfit for the presidency!

Lewis went on to say that a president's words matter and that the person in charge of the world's most powerful military should be held to higher standards than internet trolls.

"Best case scenario, you should get rid of him because he's joking about very serious things that would be really inappropriate for a president to joke about," he said.

Watch the video below.