Colbert wants to know how can you edit a transcript and still leave in all the crimes you did
Late Show host Stephen Colbert (Photo: Screen capture).

Comedian Stephen Colbert had a Halloween-themed "Don and the Giant Impeach" update during Wednesday's "The Late Show."

"No matter how much the Republicans don't want it, the impeachment inquiry isn't going away, it is here to stay," Colbert observed. "This relationship is getting serious -- it's unpacked its bags, it's put its toothbrush in the little cup above the sink."

The comedian said that when Republicans ask where the relationship is going, they're told "all the way to the White House."

The host then announced that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was granting him an "exclusive" interview following Thursday's vote of the House of Representatives on an impeachment resolution.

On Wednesday, the impeachment inquiry resolution passed out of the House Rules Committee on a 9-4 vote.

Colbert noted that Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman testified for 10 hours before Congress on Tuesday.

"Vindman, he dropped a bombshell, the official White House transcript of Trump's Ukraine call omitted 'crucial words and phrases,'" he noted.

"This is huge, the White House intentionally left things out," Colbert explained. "It's like the infamous eighteen-and-a-half minute gap on the Nixon tapes, if Nixon had left in all the bad stuff."

"For Pete's sake, how do you edit the transcript and leave in, 'I'd like you to do us a favor, though,'" he wondered.

Colbert said, "It's like a mobster whacking a guy and going, 'don't worry, cops got nothing, we got rid of some of his body. What I'm saying is, a large portion Tony sleeps with the fishes.'"