'Don’t tell me': Trump says he hated it when his kids would tell him what they learned in school
Ivanka, Eric and Donald Trump Jr. -- Trump campaign

At his rally in Dallas, Texas on Thursday, President Donald Trump launched into a furious tirade about Democrats using public schools to "indoctrinate" children. In the process, he implied something deeper: He hated it when his kids told him what they learned in school.

"The radical Democrats want to destroy America as we know it," said Trump. "They want to indoctrinate our children. And teach them that America is a sinful, wicked nation. You see that happening all the time."

"I know it from personal experience," Trump added as the crowd booed. "What they want to teach your kids. Not good. They come home. This is what I learned. You are going, no. Don’t tell me. Let’s get them into another school fast."

Watch below: