Ex-FBI official rips Trump’s deteriorating mental health as he claims ‘Messiah-like wisdom’
Frank Figliuzzi on MSNBC (screengrab)

Reports of a second whistleblower against President Donald Trump have the commander-in-chief becoming increasingly unglued, a top former FBI official warned on Monday.

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace interviewed Frank Figliuzzi, the former assistant director of counterintelligence at the FBI.

"Whistleblowers in the public -- and I know this from having to defend policies that were unpopular with the public that were revealed by whistleblowers -- whistleblowers have almost universal credibility with the public because they have nothing to gain and everything to lose," Wallace explained.

She noted Trump, "has confessed to all of the conduct in question in a transcript that he released and in his own utterances on the White House property."

"Yeah, if indeed reports are accurate, this second whistleblower is going to take the legs out from the argument that this is all hearsay, the whistleblower was not in the room, it’s second-hand. We have somebody who first-hand has heard or participated in the call or the cover-up of the call," Figliuzzi.

"Trump is going to feel increasingly cornered. And I have to tell you, Nicole, we are seeing signs of that cornered mentality here. And it’s getting us into a perilously dangerous situation on the global scene. That’s the Turkish incursion into Syria and Trump’s acquiescence to this," he noted.

The former FBI special agent noted Trump's tweet defending his Syria decision.

Look at the language -- for the armchair behavioral scientists at home -- look at the language of the Trump tweet in defense of his posture with Turkey and Syria. 'I have great and unmatched wisdom' -- great and unmatched wisdom?" he asked in disbelief.

"The only other place you’ll see language similar to that is biblical. It’s in scripture. It’s references to the wisdom of Solomon and it’s references to the wisdom of God in scripture. He is increasingly showing signs not just of narcissism but now of a messianic complex, a messiah-like wisdom and knowledge. 'I’m right, everyone else is wrong.' Even those who are experts on Turkish, Kurdish, and Syrian matters," he explained.

"So we’ve reached the point here where someone can't have a conversation with our president. He doesn’t trust anyone around him. He makes the call all by himself and he makes the wrong call. And if this keeps happening we are going to find troops involved. We are going to find missiles involved. He is going to make a horrible call all by himself," Figliuzzi warned.

"Frank Figliuzzi, you scared me, but I’m glad that we had your insights," Wallace said.