Feds are now looking at Giuliani's financial ties to the two arrested associates: CNN
Former U.S. Attorney Rudy Giuliani on Fox News (screengrab)

CNN reported late afternoon Thursday that after Rudy Giuliani's associates were arrested, the former New York City Mayor's finances are now under scrutiny.

Reporter Shimon Prokupecz explained that Igor Furman and Lev Parnas have a relationship with Giuliani that is coming under the investigative eye of the FBI and federal investigators.

"Of course, the Ukraine matter in the mind of a lot of the federal investigators and prosecutors and they want to know what this relationship was about," said Prokupecz. "Perhaps they’re looking at the money. Who was funding some of this? Was Rudy Giuliani in any way making money off of this? Financial dealings are one of the things that the FBI and prosecutors are looking at, as well as the overall relationship here."

Watch his update below: