Fox & Friends hosts deflated after legal analyst shoots down latest GOP impeachment talking point
Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano/Fox News screen shot

The hosts of "Fox & Friends" on Thursday appeared disappointed when legal analyst Andrew Napolitano gave them unfortunate news about the White House's latest objections to House Democrats' impeachment inquiry.

Specifically, Napolitano addressed the letter sent to Congress by White House counsel Pat Cipollone, which claimed that the executive branch did not have to comply with any subpoenas of documents until the House formally voted to open an impeachment inquiry.

"The Republicans changed the rules when John Boehner was the Speaker of the House allowing each individual committee to issue subpoenas without a House-wide vote," he explained. "So those subpoenas are valid, and those people who resist them, ignore them, who put them in a drawer, do so at your peril."

Napolitano went on to explain that there are legal avenues the White House could take to avoid complying with subpoenas, but he said that they have so far chosen not to take them.

"If you get a subpoena that asks you for something that you don't think you have to produce, you have to challenge the subpoena," he said. "You can't ignore it."

Watch the video below.