Fox guest uncorks bizarre anti-impeachment rant -- and calls Pelosi 'the high priestess of a cult'
Lee Smith speaks with Fox Business (Screen cap).

Author Lee Smith, who has written a new book called "The Plot Against the President" that purports to show a "deep state" conspiracy to remove Trump from office, went off on a bizarre anti-impeachment rant during a Fox Business interview on Wednesday.

During an interview with Fox Business's Maria Bartiromo, Smith linked the House Democrats' impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump to an occult ceremony.

"Here is how I see what we're calling the impeachment process, inquiry -- I see it as a secret ritual conducted by a cult," he said. "They're doing most of this in secret."

In fact, House Democrats this week are taking votes to open up the impeachment inquiry to public hearings, which will give the public more of an idea about what has been said behind closed doors.

Smith, however, continued to attack House Democrats by portraying them as witches and warlocks.

"I think it's worthwhile thinking of Speaker Pelosi as the high priestess of the cult, and Adam Schiff as a high priest of the cult," he said. "And the purpose of the cult is to protect the Swamp. President Trump was sent by the American voter to drain the swamp!"

Watch the video below.