Fox News graphic busts White House press secretary for lying about Syria cease-fire
Stephanie Grisham (Fox News/Bobby Lewis)

A Fox News chyron underlined a major lie by White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham.

She still hasn't given an official press briefing, but Grisham made one of her frequent appearances on "Fox & Friends" to celebrate a cease-fire negotiated Thursday by Vice President Mike Pence that's already been broken.

"The president has an obligation to look out for the troops and look out for the country," Grisham said, justifying President Donald Trump's decision to remove troops from northern Syria and abandoned Kurdish allies to ethnic cleansing by Turkey.

"When (Turkish president Recep Tayyip) Erdoğan made it clear he was going to invade, the president acted decisively to pull our military out of the way," Grisham said. "He sent a delegation over to get a cease-fire. That takes time."

As she spoke, a graphic reading, "fighting continues in Syria despite cease-fire," ran underneath a split screen showing Grisham alongside video of fighting in the area U.S. troops have abandoned.

"I will not talk about operations on the ground, I leave that to the Department of Defense," Grisham said. "The president is to protect our country. He is putting America first. He always said that we'll not be in never-ending wars anymore. As for the cease-fire, I'm really happy that our delegation was successful. We'll leave it at that."