Fox News host wonders if Rudy Giuliani is 'becoming a liability' for Trump
Rudy Giuliani appears on CNN (Screen cap).

As scandal swirls around Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, even Fox News host Harris Faulkner is wondering if it's time for the man once known as "America's Mayor" to go.

In a Fox News segment Friday, Faulkner discussed how the Trump White House was enduring fresh public relations headaches after Giuliani henchmen Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman were arrested this week on campaign-finance charges for allegedly funneling money from a Russian businessman into American elections.

"Let's just cut to the chase, because as Americans are watching this across the country, they're wondering, 'Does this touch the president?'" Faulkner asked guest Jmail Jaffer, the current director of the national security law and policy program at George Mason University. "Is Rudy Giuliani becoming a liability for the White House?"

Jaffer responded by admitting that it's "hard to know" and noted that Trump has stuck by Giuliani so far through thick and thin.

However, he suggested there are limits to the president's patience.

"It's becoming hard to know how long the president will stick with him," he said. "It is becoming more and more challenging."

Watch the video below.