Fox News staff warns of an 'exodus' as consequence of Shep Smith resignation
Fox News host Shep Smith (Screenshot)

Fox Newsman Shep Smith had been working on splitting from Fox News for some time, according to a statement he released Friday. That moment finally came this week when he unexpectedly announced he was leaving the network.

As CNN reported Smith's departure is only the beginning.

"It feels like death in the news division," said one senior Fox employee. The source explained that many staffers were "shocked" at the news, and some were crying. "At least we had him."

Even Fox host Neil Cavuto was floored as his show began immediately after Smith's announcement. He struggled to find the words to describe the shock and touted Smith's kindness and compassion for those in the newsroom.

"Who can fill that role?" another Fox employee asked.

Another Fox News employee said, "staffers were openly weeping" after Smith made the announcement. The person explained that some "were here and have stayed here solely for" Smith.

"Don't be surprised if there's an exodus," the staffer told CNN. "Fox hasn't just lost Shep today."

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