‘Garbage’: George Conway says White House letter is so bad it is another impeachable offense
George Conway

Washington, D.C. lawyer George Conway is among the legal minds taking to twitter to call the letter from President Donald Trump's White House to Congress, nothing but nonsense.

Trump's lawyers sent Congress a letter saying that the impeachment inquiry violates "due process" of the president. In fact, impeachment is not a criminal or judicial inquiry, it's legislative. Trump could be removed from office, but he would not be thrown in jail or convicted of a crime as a result of the impeachment findings. If Trump is kicked out of office, he could be tried in a court of law, where he would be entitled to the "due process" he is citing.

Conway went on to say he couldn't fathom "how any self-respecting member of the bar could affix his name to this letter. It’s pure hackery, and it disgraces the profession."

It is presumably one of the reasons that the Constitution outlines specifics surrounding impeachment.