George Conway mocks Trump for alienating Franklin Graham amid impeachment fight: 'Not real smart'
Donald Trump and Franklin Graham (Twitter)

President Donald Trump’s decision to hang Kurdish allies out to dry in Syria is harming his standing with evangelicals -- which is a major political blunder during impeachment, prominent Republican attorney George Conway explained on Wednesday.

"Today, join me in praying as the Turkish army has invaded Syria in the area that the US military withdrew from," Graham tweeted. "Turks have a dismal record on human rights and they can’t be trusted. Pray for the Kurds, Christians, and other minorities in this region."

Right-wing writer Ross Douthat questioned Trump's judgement for alienating Graham.

"Truly remarkable that Trump, facing impeachment, decided this was the time to make a foreign policy move calculated to alienate his most stalwart evangelical supporters," Douthat noted.

George Conway, the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, agreed that Trump had made a political blunder.

"He’s not real smart, as you may have noticed by now," Conway noted.

He also acknowledged he was struggling to keep up with all the new scandals hitting the White House on Wednesday.

"Lighter tweeting today as I try to keep track of all the president’s high crimes and misdemeanors, foreign policy fiascos, and dozens of additional sexual misconduct allegations," he noted.