A Wisconsin Trump supporter suggested he would eagerly commit voter fraud to back the president, even if he turned into the devil himself.

Bloomberg has been reaching out to die-hard Republican voter William Chaney and other supporters of President Donald Trump to take their temperature since the 2016 election, and the website found they're still on board.

The 44-year-old La Crosse resident, a married father of one who works as an account executive at a wholesale mortgage lender, isn't concerned about the Ukraine scandal that's the center of an impeachment inquiry against the president.

"I don’t think he did anything wrong," Chaney said. "There’s nothing there, and the Democrats are going to spell their own doom going after Trump on this."

The impeachment inquiry, which has been gathering public support since Democrats launched it two weeks ago, actually makes Chaney more enthusiastic for the president.

"This makes me more, way more energized, as if I wasn’t energized enough," he said. "I love Donald Trump unapologetically. I love the fact that he fights back, that he sticks up for the people, he doesn’t take sh*t, and if someone throws him sh*t he throws it right back."

Chaney said there's literally nothing that could change his mind on Trump.

"Is there anything he could do to make him lose my vote? Not a thing," Chaney said. "He could sprout horns -- I’m voting for him, twice."