James Clyburn schools Trump over 'lynching' tweet: 'I'm a product of the South -- I know the history of that word'
Rep. James Clyburn (R-SC) (Screen cap).

Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) on Tuesday schooled President Donald Trump for accusing House Democrats of "lynching" him through their impeachment inquiry.

After CNN host John Berman read Clyburn the president's tweet and asked him for his opinion, the congressman accused the president of being deliberately inflammatory in order to distract from his own actions.

"The president has also been pretty loose with his words, and this is another indication of that," he said. "I really believe this man is prone to inflammatory statements and that is one word no president ought to apply to himself."

Clyburn then recounted how neither former Presidents Richard Nixon or Bill Clinton ever described the impeachment process as a "lynching," and then gave Trump a history lesson about what that word means to black Americans.

"I am not just a politician, I'm a southern politician," he said. "I'm a product of the South -- I know the history of that word. That is a word that we ought to be very, very careful about."

Watch the video below.