Lifelong South Carolina Republican turns on Trump: 'I'm disgusted and impeachment is warranted'
South Carolina Republican Carl Johnson -- screenshot

In an MSNBC clip on the changing voting patterns in the South, which saw voters in a South Carolina district go for Donald Trump in 2016 only to elect a Democrat to represent them in the House in 2018, support, even among some Republicans, for impeachment seems to be growing.

According to MSNBC reporter Shaquille Brewster, the North Charleston district is a classic example of change, where rock-ribbed Republicans are holding fast to their party, but moderate Republican voters are wavering on the president.

"Our team has been focused on this South Carolina district that flipped from Republican control in 2016 to Democratic control in 2018, represented by Congressman Joe Cunningham," Brewster explained. "And we're hearing that Democrats support impeachment more than ever, however there are hints that some moderate Republicans may be increasing their support as well."

"I've been a Republican my whole life and I'm frankly quite disgusted with what is going on right now," South Carolina voter Carl Johnson admitted.

"How do you feel about impeachment?" Brewster inquired.

"It's warranted based on all the recent news," Johnson replied, before loosely quoting President Trump with, "I mean Constitution, what Constitution? I do what I want."

Another voter, who was not identified and gave no party affiliation, added, "I think [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi is doing what needs to be done. I trust her," with yet another adding it was the "constitutional responsibility" of Congress to go through with impeachment proceedings.

Brewster went on to add, "If there is any shift, it is that phrase that you just heard, 'constitutional responsibility.' Democrats who weren't on board before now see it as an obligation for the Democrats in Congress to investigate the president and hold him accountable. But it remains to be seen if the support extends across party lines especially as you hear Republicans still defending the president largely."

Watch below: