Lindsey Graham about to find out whether all his sucking up to Trump was worth it
Lindsey Graham appears on Fox News (screen grab)

Sen. Lindsey Graham has been one of President Donald Trump's most obsequious allies in Congress, but now he's facing a moment of truth.

The South Carolina Republican went on Twitter and Fox News to strongly criticize the president's decision to abandon Kurdish allies in Syria, and has now found himself with an opportunity to get a return on his sucking up, according to conservative Jonathan Last in a new column for The Bulwark.

"Lindsey Graham has spent three years abasing himself in front of Donald J. Trump," Last wrote. "Three years in which he has had to publicly repudiate just about everything he’s ever said. And he did it all with an eye toward a moment like this: When Trump might do something impulsive and dangerous to American foreign policy."

Last argued that Graham had gambled his reputation so he could influence Trump's decision-making, and he said the proof was his willingness to criticize the president on a foreign policy objective that greatly concerns him.

"This is not a crazy theory," he wrote. "It’s totally understandable."

He said Graham went after Trump as hard as he could without angering the president, which provides a test of his theory.

"If Trump changes his mind and protects our Kurdish allies, then maybe it was a good idea that Graham swallowed every piece of dog-crap on the Trump buffet," he added. "But if he doesn’t? What then?"