Lindsey Graham backs up Trump's widely condemned impeachment tirade: 'A lynching in every sense'
Lindsey Graham (CBS/screen grab)

President Donald Trump's widely condemned comparison of House Democrats' impeachment inquiry to a "lynching" has the support of at least one Republican senator.

As reported by The Hill's Alex Bolton, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Tuesday agreed that with the president's characterization of the House Democrats' efforts to hold him accountable.

"This is a lynching in every sense," Graham said.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) similarly agreed with Graham that House Democrats' efforts to impeach the president amount to a "lynching," as reported by Politico's Burgess Everett.

"The connotation the president is carrying forward is a political mob seeking an outcome regardless of facts," Cruz said. "And that I think is an objectively true description of what is happening in the House right now."

Princeton historian Kevin Kruse on Tuesday delivered a succinct but thorough outline for why the House's impeachment inquiry, which he likened to a grand jury investigation, is the exact opposite of a lynching, given that it is a power explicitly given to the House of Representatives by the United States Constitution.

"There is NO reason to liken the Constitution's formal remedy for removing a president to an illegal mob action that seeks to subvert the rule of law with the kidnapping, murder and mutilation of a suspect," he said. "Comparing impeachment proceedings to a lynching is even more insulting when you've cozied up to the very forces of white supremacy that historically have used lynching as a tool to terrorize racial minorities."