LISTEN: George Conway blows up Trump White House's 'trash' letter condemning impeachment in rare interview
George Conway -- CNN screenshot

In a very rare speaking appearance, this time in a podcast with former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, conservative attorney George Conway attacked a letter from Donald Trump's White House attempting to dismiss the House impeachment proceedings.

"This was trash," Conway told the ex- U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Bharara, in the interview for Bharara's "Stay Tuned with Preet."

"The thrust of (the letter) is that there are some kind of constitutional obligations that the House has failed to meet that therefore render its impeachment inquiry illegitimate and unconstitutional, which is complete nonsense, because all the Constitution says is that the House has the sole power over impeachment," he continued.

Addressing the letter's claims that Trump's due process rights have been circumvented without a vote and that Trump has no choice but to not cooperate, Conway maintained, "they are under no obligation to allow the president to participate."

"There are Republican members of these committees who can ask questions if they do have witnesses, and there's no question that those Republican members are going to be carrying the president's water," he added under questioning from his host.

Conway also asserted impeachment has become even more inevitable following the letter.

Listen below: