'Madman behavior': CNN panel aghast at Trump's latest insane statements on Turkey and the Kurds
Donald Trump (AFP Photo/Timothy A. Clary)

President Donald Trump on Wednesday waved off criticisms of his abrupt withdrawal from Syria by saying that the Kurds are "no angels" and that they were being "protected" now by a Syrian government that has allegedly used chemical weapons against its own citizens.

The president also said that the fighting going on right now between the Kurds and the Turkish military was not America's problem, despite the fact that he dispatched both Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Ankara with the goal of negotiating a ceasefire.

All of these moves left CNN contributors John Avlon and Max Boot struggling to make sense of the president's latest impulsive and contradictory actions.

"This is madman behavior," said Boot. "There is no way to make sense, to rationalize this, because he very impulsively decided to... let Erdogan do what he wants without consulting with the Pentagon, without consulting with his aides, and now he and the rest of the administration are trying to clean up."

Avlon then chimed in to say that Trump in the past has always been impulsive, but there used to be more people around him capable of containing his worst instincts.

"His impulse is to jump over the ledge," Avlon said. "He keeps getting talked off the ledge by the professionals, but he made this decision impulsively without his military advisers."