None of the White House's talking points defend Trump -- they only attack Democrats: CNN's Borger
CNN's Gloria Borger (Photo: Screen capture)

CNN's Gloria Borger on Friday revealed a telling fact about the latest round of talking points sent out by the Trump White House.

During an interview with Jim Sciutto, Borger explained that none of the talking points even try to justify President Donald Trump openly calling on foreign countries to investigate his political opponents.

"The talking points are going out to Republicans on Capitol Hill," she said. "All of them are about the Democrats. They're about the media. Not one talking point that I have read is about saying what Donald Trump did is okay. Not one!"

Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX) on Friday became the first Republican in the House of Representatives to call out the president for asking China to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden, and he called the president's actions "terrible."

Most other elected GOP officials, however, have either remained silent or said they support the president inviting foreign powers to interfere in American presidential elections.

Watch the video below.