'Oh, c'mon': WaPo columnist goes scorched earth on Trump kids for complaining about Hunter Biden cashing in
Donald Trump, pointing at his sons Donald Trump, Jr and Eric Trump (Twitter)

Appearing on "AM Joy," with fill-in host Ayman Mohyeldin, Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank rolled his eyes and laughed off complaints from the children of Donald Trump who have been criticizing former Vice President Joe Biden's son is cashing in on his famous name.

Responding to a clip of Eric Trump complaining about Hunter Biden landing jobs he may not have been qualified for because of who his father is, Milbank brought up all three Trump kids -- Eric, Don Jr. and Ivanka -- of their own sins while their father is in the Oval Office.

"It is breathtaking," the smirking Milbank said after watch the Eric Trump clip. "They used to say of George Bush that he was born on third and thought he hit a triple. That would give too much credit to these Trump boys. I think they were born on third base and think they scored a touchdown. They don't have any awareness at all."

Stating he wasn't going to defend the Bidens, he continued, "I mean, the amazing thing is this is coming in the same week when Trump attempted to have the G7 at Doral before pulling it back. I mean, you know, talk about a quid pro quo. this entire presidency has been about, you know, a quid pro cash flow."

Turning back to the Trump kids, he continued, "I mean, we've seen this over and over again. It's sort of a projection, remember 'no puppet, you're the puppet'? Whatever President Trump or for that matter his sons are accused of, it becomes that which they accuse the opponent of."

"Think of Ivanka Trump getting her trademarks in China at the same time the president is negotiating with the Chinese," he elaborated. "Think of the Saudis. Think of Attorney General Bill Barr paying tens of thousands of dollars to the Trump Hotel in Washington for his Christmas party. Think of all the lobbyists putting in money there; this is all going to the bottom line and to the profits that are enjoyed by Don Jr., Eric and the president himself."

Watch below: