'Pathetic weenies': MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch levels the GOP ‘lemmings’ who stormed impeachment inquiry into Trump

Saying the case for the impeachment of President Donald Trump has reached the "game, set, match" stage based upon recent revelations coming out of the House inquiry into his administration, MSNBC's Donny Deutsch hammered the GOP's "pathetic weenies" who invaded and disrupted a closed-door hearing on Wednesday.

Speaking with "Morning Joe" hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, Deutsch seemed alternately amazed and infuriated by the mob of Republican lawmakers -- led by Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) -- who stormed the House meeting in an effort to forestall an inevitable impeachment trial.

After MSNBC contributor Willie Geist ticked off a damning laundry list of evidence and revelations against Trump that have come from the hearings, Deutsch said it was all over for the president.

"You really have game, set," he began. "The one thing in this 24/7 news cycle that will we have that we didn't have in Watergate is there is this constant flood of information, of misinformation, of lies and twists. and the American public can get a little numb to things. We have it in a very tight box now. Now, obviously, [House Majority Leader] Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have to do all their due diligence, but the faster they move the tighter that box stays."

Turning to the GOP mob invasion on Wednesday, he added, "Second point also is when watching those Republicans yesterday march -- those white guys, those middle-aged, boring, nerdy-looking white guys walk down those steps was pathetic."

"I challenge all of those guys two and three years from now, because they are living today, Donald Trump is going to be viewed very differently a few years from now, and I can't wait to be doing the campaign of anybody running against those guys to show these pathetic wienies walking down that step like lemmings, " he continued. "There was a 1984 Super Bowl commercial for Apple where they show these guys just marching in lockstep. How pathetic. How do you go home and look at your wife and children? They're just pathetic people."

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