Retired general responds to Trump’s tweets in real time on Fox News – and destroys his excuses for betraying the Kurds
Jack Keane (Fox News)

A retired U.S. Army general reacted in real time on Fox News to President Donald Trump's tweets on Syria -- and he blasted the sudden decision to abandon the Kurds.

Gen. Jack Keane, a retired four-star general and Fox News contributor, appeared Monday morning on "America's Newsroom," where anchor Bill Hemmer read the president's tweets on air and asked him to react.

Keane said the president was missing the point.

"I understand (his point) about endless wars, but this is not about a war," Keane said. "This is about how do you manage the peace? This is about how do you manage post-conflict? That’s what this issue is."

"We have two national interests there," Keane continued. "No. 1, do not permit ISIS to reemerge, No. 2, do not permit Iran to take over all of Syria and therefore be able to encroach on Israel."

"Listen, wars have endings, clearly, but it is the peace you have to put as much effort into winning, as well," added. "Look what happened when we pulled out of Iraq. We won the war there -- Bush handed a victory to President Obama. Obama walked away because he was fed up with it. We lost that peace and found ourselves embroiled in a much larger conflict after that. That was tragic."