REVEALED: Former Rudy Giuliani aides stunned that their one-time boss has gone 'crazy'
Rudy Giuliani (Screen cap).

Ken Frydman, who served as Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani's press secretary during his successful 1993 mayoral campaign, has written a column for the New York Times in which he describes the shock that he and his fellow former Giuliani loyalists feel at watching their one-time boss make a nonstop fool of himself on cable news.

Frydman begins by describing the admiration he once had for Giuliani, which continued even after the former New York mayor began acting as President Donald Trump's top defender on cable news.

However, the disastrous string of cable news appearances that Giuliani has made since the Ukraine scandal broke out in the open has convinced him that his former boss has truly gone around the bend.

"This is not Rudy vigorously defending Mr. Trump’s bad behavior," Frydman writes. "This is Rudy, as a private citizen and personal attorney for the president, lamely acting as a shadow secretary of state and Trump enforcer by attempting to influence the 2020 election in favor of his client."

Frydman says that the Ukraine scandal has also caused several other past Giuliani aides to reassess their views of a man whom they once held in high esteem.

"'If Rudy doesn’t get a lawyer, he’s crazier than I thought,' a 1993 campaign colleague and high-ranking Giuliani administration official said when the Ukraine scandal broke," Frydman writes. "A former senior adviser called him 'crazy.' Those closest to him beg him to stop talking."

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