Rick Wilson unleashes holy hell on GOP for standing by Trump: 'You strapped yourself to a suicide bomber'
Rick Wilson on CNN/Screenshot

Anti-Trump conservative Rick Wilson uncorked a vicious tweet storm against his former Republican allies on Wednesday after watching President Donald Trump's latest psychotic rant at the White House.

Shortly after the president finished a rambling, falsehood-filled press conference with Finnish President Sauli Niinistö, Wilson shredded the GOP for continuing to stand by a president who is clearly unfit for office -- and he said they were getting exactly what they deserved.

"The Trump Meltdown is your new normal," Wilson said. "This is why you live in fear every minute of your waking hours. You know because you strapped yourself to this suicide bomber that when the vest goes off you die with him."

Wilson then excoriated Trump's GOP enablers for throwing away their past purported beliefs in the rule of law and free markets to embrace a mentally unhinged, corrupt demagogue.

"You think that you are political geniuses for abandoning everything you ever claimed to believe in (except judicial fetishism) and smeared yourselves in Trump's excrement while calling it honey," he wrote.

Read the whole tweet storm below.