‘Rudy is a lousy lawyer’: Ex-prosecutor reveals why nobody will hire Giuliani for legal work
Rudy Giuliani appears on CNN (Screen cap).

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is getting rich selling his access to the White House, in spite of being a "lousy" attorney, according to a former federal prosecutor.

Paul Butler was interviewed on MSNBC by Kendis Gibson on Saturday.

"One issue is that representing Donald Trump has been great business for Rudy Giuliani," Butler noted.

"Since he’s started to be his defense attorney, there’s a huge demand for Rudy’s services. And let's face it, Rudy is a lousy lawyer. We’ve all seen him go on TV and by the time he goes off TV his client is in more trouble. So people probably aren’t hiring him for his legal skills, they want his access," he explained.

"Which brings us to Viktor Shokin. This disgraced former prosecutor in the Ukraine -- the IMF, the Obama administration all wanted him out of office because he wasn’t aggressive enough on corruption. So Rudy, with his access, again, he thinks this Shokin guy can give him dirt on the origins of the Russian investigation wants him to go to the U.S. Rudy can go to the White House and the State Department to try to get Visa," Butler noted. "We’ve all had friends having trouble getting a Visa to come to the United States, can you imagine you imagine having someone make your case to the president and the Secretary of State."

"Remember what I said about him not being a great lawyer? Didn’t work out. Mr. Shokin still didn’t get his visa," Butler added.