Stephen Miller vows to ‘implement the policy doubly’ in the face of whistleblowers alleging corruption
White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller.

Controversial White House advisor Stephen Miller lashed out at his perceived enemies during a West Wing interview with the right-wing Washington Examiner newspaper.

Miller's interview was published as Ambassador Bill Taylor testified before Congress, confirming the whistleblower complaint that President Donald Trump solicited foreign election assistance in the 2020 election.

“This is a mortal threat to the American system of government,” Miller argued.

He blasted federal government employees for reporting wrongdoing.

"It is best understood as career federal employees that believe they are under no obligation to honor, respect, or abide by the results of a democratic election," Miller argued, despite Trump losing the popular vote by 2,868,686 votes. "Their view is, ‘If I agree with what voters choose, then I’ll do what they choose. If I disagree with what voters choose, then I won’t, and I’ll continue doing my own thing. So basically it’s heads I win, tails you lose.'"

He accused whistleblowers of lying and cheating.

"‘If you elect Hillary Clinton, then I’ll implement all of her policies very faithfully, and if I see massive evidence of corruption on Hillary Clinton’s part, they I’ll keep it all a secret. If you elect a candidate I disagree with, then I’ll lie, I’ll leak, I’ll cheat, I’ll smear, I’ll attack, I’ll persecute, and I will refuse to implement, and I will obstruct at every single step of the way,'" he argued.

“We’ve made clear that your leaks will backfire and your sabotage will fail, and we’ll simply implement the policy doubly,” Miller said. “Not only will you not change the outcome, but the more that you try to leak and disrupt, the more determined the president will be in his course to accomplish that which he was sent here to do."

Miller said Trump's accomplishments are a "miracle."

“Never has someone occupied the Oval Office who is more undeterred and undaunted in executing the task that he was brought here and has pledged to execute,” he said. "It is truly a miracle to behold.”