'That was pathetic': MSNBC's Mika goes scorched earth on Mike Pence's latest defense of Trump's Ukraine scandal

Addressing an off-the-cuff explanation Mike Pence offered to an NBC reporter about Donald Trump's Ukraine phone call and subsequent scandal, MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski called the vice president out as "pathetic."

On Wednesday Pence was asked by NBC's Vaughn Hillyard about the Ukraine scandal and the vice president seemed woefully unprepared to answer.

“Were you ever aware, Mr. Vice President, of interest in the Bidens — interest in investigating the Bidens — was at least part of the reason for aid to Ukraine being held up?” Hilyard asked. “Were you ever aware?”

“I, uh, I never discussed the issue of, of, the issue of the Bidens with President Zelensky,” Pence said, seemingly caught off-guard. “Wh-what I can tell you is that all of our discussions internally, I mean, the president, and our team, and our contacts in my office in Ukraine, were focused on the broader issues of lack of European support and corruption —”

After sharing the clip, the Morning Joe host scorched the vice president.

"That's having it so many different ways at once," she claimed. "It is really hard to unpack it all, but we will. First of all, yes, it was Vaughn Hillyard's question and you did not answer it -- you skirted it.

"You jumped around it and then you actually admitted that it was the question, and then you tried to basically filibuster by taking as long as you can not answering the question," she continued. "That was pathetic -- just answer the question. The problem for you is that the answer to the question doesn't work well, especially if you are testifying before Congress."

Watch below: