'The real whistleblower' was Rudy Giuliani — because he admitted to the whole Ukraine scheme: CNN's Cuomo
Rudy Giuliani appears on ABC (screen grab)

Republicans appear to still be trying, covertly, to get the identity of the whistleblower in the Trump administration whose warning kicked off the whole Ukraine investigation.

But on Tuesday's edition of CNN's "Cuomo Prime Time," Chris Cuomo pointed out that there is no need to rely on the whistleblower's complaint anymore, because several people have corroborated key facts about the scandal — including President Donald Trump's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.

"The president of the United States used the power of his office to get investigations of political rivals, full stop," said Cuomo. "He didn't succeed. It doesn't make the ask okay. Lt. Col. Vindman is only the latest to point out that investigating Biden and his son had nothing to do with national security. How else do we know? The texts from Volker, the testimony, the transcript of the call itself, television interviews, including on this show."

"And, by the way, you know who the real whistleblower is here? Rudy Giuliani," said Cuomo. "Rudy Giuliani was everywhere, and without portfolio, pushing an agenda he made clear here and elsewhere: I want the DNC, I want the Bidens, I'm working for the president and, by the way, I'm also working with these other guys who are under indictment for moving Russian money into elections. We haven't even found out about that part of the story yet. But Rudy was all over this and with malignant cause and everybody knew it."

"You don't need the whistleblower," continued Cuomo. "You do need Vindman and Volker and Taylor and even Sondland, okay, because none has ever named a corruption case in Ukraine other than what this president saw as politically beneficial. So the idea of just rooting out corruption is hollow. The vitally important White House meeting and congressional funding were withheld explicitly to get a statement this president could use to go after his opponents. Every person whose testimony that we have seen, spoke of the value of those two things to the Ukrainians. A point President Zelensky himself made clear. And with good reason. Of course it mattered to them. That's why it was used at leverage."

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