The View’s audience bursts into laughter as Meghan McCain insists Republicans are pushing back on Trump
Meghan McCain (ABC)

Meghan McCain rattled off evidence that Republicans had spoken out against President Donald Trump's solicitation of foreign election interference -- and the audience laughed at her proof.

Her co-host Joy Behar told "The View" panelists that Republicans had gone into "radio silence" after a record of text messages produced by former Ukraine envoy Kurt Volker showed efforts to pressure the foreign country to investigate Joe Biden in exchange for congressionally approved military aid.

"Not true, I have a list," McCain said, rattling off the names of GOP senators who had made statements since the texts came out. "Ben Sasse, Mitt Romney, (Chuck) Grassley, Joni Ernst, Susan Collins and every other --"

Behar interrupted to ask if they had spoken out since the texts were revealed, and McCain said they had.

"I knew you were going to say that," McCain said. "That's why I got the list."

Behar asked what Collins, the notoriously apprehensive Maine Republican, had to say about the damning evidence, and the audience began chuckling.

"She stated that 'the whistleblower should be protected,'" McCain said. "Ben Sasse came out and said, 'Hold up, Americans don't look to Chinese commies for the truth. If the Biden kid broke the law by selling his name to Beijing that's a matter for American court, not communist tyrants running torture camps,' and it goes on. So there are some people."

Behar said none of those statements called out Trump for breaking campaign laws by soliciting foreign election interference on live television.

"Nobody is saying that he broke the law, that's abuse of power and should be impeached," Behar said.

"Mitt said it's troubling to the extreme," McCain offered, prompting an awkward pause.

"He said that two weeks ago," Behar said, and a woman in the audience loudly guffawed.

McCain insisted she'd provided proof that Republicans had spoken out against Trump, but Behar wasn't convinced.

"I know, but 10 things have happened since then," she said. "He needs to update his tweets."

The same audience member shrieked with laughter, and others in the crowd joined in as McCain glowered.

"I don't disagree," McCain said, as the audience continued laughing.

Fellow conservative Abby Huntsman, who has called for impeachment since the Ukraine revelations went public, said Trump had repeatedly and publicly asked foreign governments to help in both of his presidential campaigns.

"What more do people standing by this need to know?" Huntsman said. "What more do they need to see this as being incredibly serious?"

She asked how Republicans expected history to remember them in 20 years.

"Our democracy is in flames and some of these people are sipping coffee like everything is just fine," Huntsman said.

"The answer is impeachment," said co-host Sunny Hostin. "The answer is, Congress does its oversight job, which is their constitutional duty to impeach these president for these actions. That is the answer we tell our children 20 years from now. That's the answer."