‘They have a responsibility to not be stupid’: MSNBC’s Morning Joe slaps Trump’s ‘ignorant’ rally-goers for swallowing Trump lies
Trump supporters and Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough blamed President Donald Trump's supporters for failing their most basic civic responsibility by remaining willfully ignorant and swallowing his lies.

The president claimed his betrayal of the Kurds was actually keeping them safe, despite credible reports of war crimes against them by Turkey, and the "Morning Joe" host challenged rally-goers to open their eyes -- and believe what they see.

"It's the responsibility to people that show up at those rallies to not be stupid, to not be so stupid that they should be kept away from blenders," Scarborough said. "All they have to do is spend three seconds actually watching the news, all they have to do is spend three seconds on Google, spend three seconds talking to somebody that is not completely brainwashed to see that this is a horrible deal for the Kurds."

"The Kurds are going to be wiped out, and Donald Trump said it was a great deal for Turkey because Turkey doesn't have to kill millions of people," he added.

Trump is fully to blame for the ethnic cleansing that's already underway in Syria, which the president authorized Turkey to undertake and excused at the rally, but Scarborough said that Trump fanatics allow him to get away with those human rights abuses.

"It is so absolutely flummoxing what the president said this week," he said, "and the responsibility, you know, sure, it's with the president, but at this point it's with the people cheering and waving things, Trump flags, in the audience. They have a responsibility to not be dumb, and they have a responsibility to be informed. They have a responsibility not to be ignorant, and all I'm asking is that they just spend two or three minutes actually looking at the news and educating themselves."

They're letting the president get away with horrific and obvious lies, and Scarborough said Trump fans should be ashamed of themselves.

"If you were at that rally last night, everything, just about everything the president told you about the Kurds, about Turkey, about the Middle East was a lie," Scarborough said, "and we're all going to pay for it, you're going to pay for it, we're going to pay for it, our children are going to pay for it, our country's going to pay for it with the rise of ISIS. This is coming again."

"The Pentagon warned the president a month ago that ISIS was going to rise again if we didn't hold a tough line," he added. "The president has quivered and collapsed again. He's been a collaborator with Vladimir Putin, he's been a collaborator with (Recep Tayyip) Erdoğan. He's been a collaborator with all of our enemies. He's strengthened Iran, he's weakened our closest allies. You need to read some news, whoever you trust. Read your local newspaper, go on Google. Don't go to the stupid sites where people make things up, read the news because we're all going to pay for in for years to come."