Trump is a 'walking advertisement for whistleblowers' and his tantrums are creating more of them: Conservative commentator
Tom Nichols -- screenshot

On Saturday's edition of MSNBC's "AM Joy," Naval War College professor and Never-Trump conservative commentator Tom Nichols weighed in on the explosion of whistleblowers coming out to allege wrongdoing within the Trump administration — from the president's attempt to strong-arm Ukraine for political dirt, to allegations that the Treasury Department interfered with an audit of the president's tax returns.

Indeed, Nichols argued, by putting the concept of whistleblowers front and center in the public consciousness with his furious reactions to every new facet of the scandal, Trump may actually be "advertising" whistleblowing — and creating more of it down the line.

"The president's a great advertisement for whistleblowers," said Nichols. "You blow the whistle, it works, it goes up the chain, the president himself notices. I think the president does not understand any of this. During the break we were laughing saying, you know, until Comey maybe, the president had probably never heard the word 'memorialize,' when people write themselves memos, or put emails into the system, or texts, to let people know what's going on."

"I also would argue that the president's behavior toward whistleblower is illegal, and impeachable, and all of those things," continued Nichols. "On the other hand, in terms of bringing attention to whistleblowers, and saying, hey, these guys really understand that there's wrongdoing, and you can bring it through the chain, and it comes before the public — the president, in a way, is the best walking advertisement for whistleblowers we've ever had."

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