Trump pushes Joe Biden and 'Fake News' conspiracy theory after announcement of multiple whistleblowers
President Donald Trump says he's right on China and that tariffs will bring Beijing to the table. (AFP / SAUL LOEB)

After a late Saturday night and early Sunday morning Twitter frenzy, posting clips from Fox News defending him, Donald Trump launched another attack on Vice President Joe Biden by promoting a conspiracy theory that the "Fake News" media is covering for the Democrat.

All of this comes as multiple news outlets are reporting that one or more whistleblowers are retaining lawyers and planning on coming forward.

With that obviously on his mind, the president kept up his drumbeat of trying to turn the focus on Biden.

"It is INCREDIBLE to watch and read the Fake News and how they pull out all stops to protect Sleepy Joe Biden and his thrown out of the Military son, Hunter, who was handed $100,000 a month (Plus,Plus) from a Ukrainian based company, even though he had no experience in energy," Trump wrote before adding, "and separately got 1.5 Billion Dollars from China despite no experience and for no apparent reason. There is NO WAY these can be legitimate transactions? As lawyers & others have stated, as President, I have an OBLIGATION to look into possible, or probable, CORRUPTION!"

You can see the tweets below: