Trump supporter flips-flops from denial to approval after reporter tells him president publicly asked Ukraine to probe Biden
Donald Trump supporter holds sign outside the Peabody Opera House in Downtown Saint Louis. (Gino Santa Maria /

A supporter waiting to hear President Donald Trump speak Thursday afternoon expressed an intractable contradiction about his hopes for the event.

Trump was scheduled to announce the executive order "Protecting Medicare from Socialist Destruction" during a speech at The Villages, his first large public event since Congress launched a formal impeachment inquiry that has consumed his presidency, reported the Orlando Sentinel.

Before departing the White House for the event, the president publicly asked Ukraine, the primary subject of the inquiry, and China to investigate former vice president Joe Biden for alleged corruption.

Trump supporter Tim Trebil, who was waiting outside the event, insisted to reporters that it hadn't been proven that Trump asked Ukraine to investigate Biden.

A reporter told him about Trump's public remarks broadcast live on television asking Ukraine and China to do just that, and Trebil was glad to hear it.

“Then I believe Biden should be investigated," Trebil said. "He's the sitting president, and he’s looking out for the security of the country right now. If in fact he said that, I’m in complete support of that.”

Despite publicly making what Democrats and many Republicans believe to be an impeachable offense against a political rival, Trebil hoped Trump would say something during the event “to unite the country, to get everyone on the table together.”