Trump throws aides under the bus before ranting about conspiracy theory: 'I don't have teams ... I am the team'
Donald Trump (Screen Capture)

During yet another extended South Lawn ran rant while a chopper awaited, President Donald Trump disavowed any election shenanigans within his administration and those defending him against impeachment, saying, "I don't have teams," before adding  "I am the team."

Speaking to reporters and jumping from topic to topic, before complaining about what he considers a conspiracy against his presidency, Trump portrayed himself as a man alone.

"Here's the thing, I don't have teams, everyone is talking about teams, I'm the team," he shouted over the chopper noise."I did nothing wrong. This has been going on from before I got elected."

"This was going on from the insurance policy," he added in reference to a debunked conspiracy theory.

Watch below: