Trump unravels over Ukraine call in extensive thread-- then blames Democrats
President of the United States Donald Trump speaks at the general political discussion during the 72th session of the UN Assembly in New York. (Shutterstock)

President Donald Trump continued to unravel over the call he had with Ukraine on July 25.

"This Scam going on right now by the Democrats against the Republican Party, and me, was all about a perfect phone call I had with the Ukrainian President. He’s already stated, NO PRESSURE! Where is the Whistleblower, or the 2nd Whistleblower, or the “informant?” All gone because their so-called story didn’t come even close to matching up with the exact transcript of the phone call. Was it a Corrupt Adam Schiff con? Why didn’t the IG see this? When do we depose Shifty Schiff to find out why he fraudulently made up my phone call and read this fiction to Congress and the American People? I demand his deposition. He is a fraud, just like the Russia Hoax was, and the Ukraine Hoax is now. When do the Do Nothing Democrats pay a price for what they are doing to our Country, & when do the Republicans finally fight back?"

It's unclear what Trump is saying about the "transcript," as a transcript of his Ukraine call was never released, instead it was a summary and notes from the call, according to the White House page.

Congress was told there was no transcript or recording of the call, though in his tweet, Trump referenced a transcript, which Mick Mulvaney also did on Thursday.

After Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) read a satirical version of the Trump call, the president has said that Schiff should be impeached.