Trump's betrayal of the Kurds in Syria finally has a growing chorus of Republicans daring to criticize him

In the wake of President Trump's decision to withdraw 100 to 150 U.S. troops from northeast Syria, a growing chorus of Republicans are voicing their displeasure with the move, which essentially gives Turkey a green light to launch an offensive against U.S.-allied Kurdish forces in the region.

As Axios points out, among the most notable conservative voices decrying Trump's decision are Senators Mitt Romney (UT), Marco Rubio (FL), House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA), and one of Trump's most consistent supporters, Lindsey Graham (SC).

Speaking to Fox & Friends this Monday morning, Graham slammed Trump's "impulsive decision," saying it has "undone all the gains we've made" and "thrown the region into further chaos."

"I hope I'm making myself clear how shortsighted and irresponsible this decision is in my view," Graham said. "This to me is just unnerving to its core."

Also speaking to Fox & Friends was McCarthy, who said that the U.S. is breaking its commitment to the Kurds.

"If you make a commitment and somebody is fighting with you, America should keep their word," McCarthy said.

In a tweet this Monday, former Arkansas governor-turned right-wing political pundit Mike Huckabee wrote that while he generally supports Trump's foreign policy, he thinks it's a "HUGE mistake" to abandon the Kurds.

"They've never asked us to do THEIR fighting-just give them tools to defend themselves," Huckabee wrote. "They have been faithful allies. We CANNOT abandon them."

Even Trump's former envoy for the fight against ISIS slammed Trump over the decision. In a tweet Sunday night, Brett McGurk declared that "Donald Trump is not a Commander-in-Chief."

"He makes impulsive decisions with no knowledge or deliberation," McGurk wrote. "He sends military personnel into harm’s way with no backing. He blusters and then leaves our allies exposed when adversaries call his bluff or he confronts a hard phone call."

In another tweet from this Monday, GOP House Conference Chair and daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, Liz Cheney, called Trump's decision a "catastrophic mistake."

"This decision ignores lesson of 9/11," she tweeted. "Terrorists thousands of miles away can and will use their safe-havens to launch attacks against America."

In a series of tweets this morning, Trump said that his decision to withdraw troops from Syria was just another move in his push to get America out of "Endless Wars."


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