Trump's EU ambassador will 'have some explaining to do' after Taylor's explosive testimony: House Intel Dem
Gordon Sondland (Photo: Screen capture)

Gordon Sondland, the man whom President Donald Trump appointed to be the ambassador to the European Union, may now be in hot water.

Veteran diplomat Bill Taylor on Tuesday testified before the House Intelligence Committee and he claimed that Sondland told him that aid to Ukraine may be held up unless the Ukrainian government made a public announcement of an investigation that would be beneficial to Trump's reelection campaign.

Sondland denied having any such direct knowledge of a quid-pro-quo regarding Ukrainian aid during his testimony last week, although he did acknowledge that such an arrangement could not be definitively ruled out.

Given the apparent contradiction, Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-IL) hinted to reporters that Sondland will be called back to testify in short order.

"After today, Mr. Sondland is going to have some explaining to do," he said, according to Vice News' Cameron Joseph.

Text messages released earlier this month revealed that Taylor believed that Ukrainian aid was being held up to benefit Trump politically. After he confronted Sondland about that and called the move "crazy" in a text message, Sondland advised him to take their conversation off line.