Trump's GOP defenders are 'too stupid' to realize he'll undercut them right after they go to bat for him: MSNBC's Mike Barnicle
Matt Gaetz appears on CNN (screen grab)

"Morning Joe" contributor Mike Barnicle ridiculed some Donald Trump's most avid defenders on Thursday morning for continually going on camera to parrot the president's latest defense against impeachment only for the latest talking point to fall apart -- sometimes within hours.

Speaking with MSNBC hosts Joe Scarborough, and Mika Brezinski, Barnicle explained that Ambassador Bill Taylor's testimony was "a story well told."

"It's a story well told by a man who took notes," he explained. "[Taylor's ] statement reads like the first chapter of a novel or a treatment for a movie. it has everything that the public can understand. It has good guys and bad guys, it has heroes and villains. and it has an ending that you can guess at but you kind of know where the ending is going."

"It's easily understandable, and the problem for the Republicans is that whenever they step up to defend the president or do absolutely goofy stunts -- stunts the way they did yesterday following [Florida Rep.] Matt Gaetz off the cliff down into the basement of the Capitol basically trying to interrupt grand jury proceedings -- that's basically what they were trying to do," Barnicle told the hosts.

"When they do this, they fail to remember -- or maybe they do remember and they're too stupid to think about it -- it's inevitable that the president will do something or say something or something will be revealed within the next hour, the next day that will completely throw them back again," he concluded.

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