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Turkey’s foreign minister bursts out laughing as he mocks Trump’s erratic tweets



Speaking to the BBC’s HARDtalk this Friday, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu scoffed at the Trump administration’s threat of sanctions over his country’s military operation in northeast Syria, saying that the threat is the result of erratic confused messaging that’s not doing anything to help the situation.

Cavusoglu laughed and mocked Trump for his constant tweeting about various issues, including Turkey.


“Different voices, different positions are coming from the United States, because of the differences between the administration, the State Department, Pentagon, and this and that,” he said.

According to Cavusoglu, there was never a “green light” from the US for the invasion, claiming that the invasion was only launched after the US and the Kurds did not “honor their commitments,” leaving his country with no choice but to invade.

He also said that Trump’s sanctions were meaningless and Turkey has “taken enough measures” to ensure they have no effect on its economy.

Listen to the full interview at HARDtalk.

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Canada’s Trudeau rejects inviting Russia to G7 summit



Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday rejected Russia's participation in a coming summit of the G7 nations, despite host US President Donald Trump wanting to invite Moscow.

"Russia was excluded from the G7 after it invaded Crimea a number of years ago," Trudeau told reporters.

"Its continued disrespect and flaunting of international rules and norms is why it remains outside of the G7 and will continue to remain out," he added.

On Saturday Trump said he would postpone the planned June summit of leaders from the United States, Germany, Britain, Canada, France, Italy and Japan after German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she would not be coming, citing the coronavirus pandemic.

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Trump is ‘asleep at the switch’ in his bunker while America needs a unifying voice: CNN’s Keith Boykin



On CNN Monday, former Bill Clinton staffer and CNN commentator Keith Boykin laid out the extent of President Donald Trump's failure in a moment of national crisis.

"Keith, do you feel this time at all may be different as far as a real outcome?" asked anchor Brooke Baldwin.

"I definitely feel this is different," said Boykin. "Think about the conditions that we're in right now. We have 41 million people who don't have jobs. You have 100,000 people who have died from the coronavirus pandemic, disproportionally black and brown people, and people outraged about the shooting and killing and murders of black men and women and the George Floyd incident and Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, where people have no place to go, nothing to do. No school or jobs to go to. No distractions. It is not like the typical protest in the past that could go back to work or class. They could spend all summer just being upset unless there is a substantive change."

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Legal expert admits he was wrong to argue Trump wasn’t the worst president in history



Fordham Law School Prof. Jed Shugerman confessed on Twitter that he was wrong, President Donald Trump really is the worst president in American history.

He explained that in the past he's tried to explain that previous presidents like Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan and Andrew Jackson were the worst American presidents given what they did to persist the Civil War, the genocide of Native Americans and other acts. They were "openly siding [with] white supremacy and causing a civil war," which he said he thought was "far worse than anything Trump could do."


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