Finnish president Sauli Niinisto swatted away President Donald Trump's hand from his knee during their Oval Office meeting.

Trump hosted the Finnish president at the White House, where the president complained at length about Democratic lawmakers and news coverage of his call to the Ukrainian president.

"We have the most of the dishonest media you can imagine and you should be ashamed of yourselves," Trump said. "I think I've answered most of your questions."

A reporter asked what the U.S. could learn from Finland, which has been ranked the happiest country on Earth for two years in a row by the World Happiness Report, and Trump touched the foreign leader's knee.

"Finland is a happy country," Trump said, patting Niinisto's knee.

The president glared at Trump and raised his hand to swat the president away, but Trump withdrew his hand and continued ranting about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Adam Schiff.

"You got rid of Pelosi and you got rid of shifty Schiff," Trump said. "Finland is a happy country and he's a happy leader, too."