WATCH: Furious Florida woman has a racist meltdown after black teen drops a gum wrapper
Image via screengrab

On Monday, Florida Politics reported on a racist altercation in St. Petersburg which has gone viral on Facebook.

The video, posted by Daysha Adriana, who claims to be a sister and cousin of the two boys involved in the incident, shows a white woman screaming racial slurs at a 14-year-old black boy for dropping a gum wrapper on the sidewalk, while the other boy films the incident.

"Nuh-uh, don't even act like that. Pick it up. Find it. Get down on your knees and find it. Get down on your knees and find it," she can be heard shouting in the video, wagging a finger. "No-account little n****r! That's how you are. All y'all no-account f**king n****rs! Walking around here acting like — film me, f**ker!"

"Almost 2020 and we still are dealing with being spoken to in this manner over what exactly? A gum wrapper. Tasteless," wrote Adriana.

Watch the video below: