Watch Rachel Maddow’s bombshell report on why Mike Pence is in even more jeopardy than Trump
MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow (screengrab)

The host of "The Rachel Maddow Show" on Tuesday provided an in-depth analysis of why Vice President Mike Pence may have even more exposure in than impeachment inquiry than President Donald Trump.

The host recounted Trump's admission that he sought foreign election assistance from Ukraine in an attempt to take down presidential candidate Joe Biden.

"When Trump finally got on the call with the president of Ukraine in late July, we now know -- from the White House notes of that call that they released -- that President Trump heard the specific request from President Zelenskiy for military assistance for his country. Trump responded immediately by saying 'I would like you to do us a favor though.' He then immediately asked the president of Ukraine to, among other things, take law enforcement action involving his potential 2020 political rival Joe Biden," Maddow reported.

"That very simply is what President Trump is going to be impeached for," she explained. "We know from The Washington Post, that after that call -- where President Trump asked Ukraine for help in his 2020 effort against Joe Biden -- we know that after that call the person from the U.S. government who went over to Ukraine and reiterated to that same president, 'Hey, you are not getting U.S. military aid unless you carry out these investigations,' that person was Vice President Mike Pence and he did it in person."

"And if you step back from this, that means that if President Trump is going to get impeached for this -- President Trump is going to get impeached for this -- it kind of looks like Vice President Pence did the exact same thing, except in his role in this he may have been even more explicit in threatening Ukraine with the holding of military aid unless they did what Trump was asking them," Maddow explained.

"Vice President Mike Pence appears to be the pro in between the quid and the quo. He appears to have been the one responsible for explicitly linking the issue of this military aid with Ukraine’s behavior on, 'corruption,'" Maddow concluded.