WATCH: Trump’s chief of staff pummeled in rancorous press briefing after announcing G7 decision
Mick Mulvaney -- screenshot

President Donald Trump's chief of staff and Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney was pummeled by reporters demanding answers about the president scoring huge sums of taxpayer dollars by having a G7 summit at his Miami resort.

Mulvaney held a press conference on Thursday where he announced that the G7 meeting would be at Trump National Doral Miami in 2020. Reporters responded with many questions about self-dealing and the president's profits off of the event.

"The G-7 has been held for decades. How can you make the argument this is the best place to hold it?" asked one reporter. "Surely there were other places this could be held. You can't make the argument that the president will not profit because we can't know how much he might profit in the future, right?"

Another reporter asked why if Doral was so perfect, no G-7 meeting has ever been held there before. Mulvaney said no one ever looked at it.

"Very quickly, this is a business optics: How is the president going to stand on the debate stage if in fact Vice President Biden wins the nomination and try to make an argument that he didn't profit off his vice presidency?" another reporter asked.

"Is there any precedent in your studying of the G-7 of a G-7 summit being held at a property of any president?" Asked another reporter.

Mulvaney said that it doesn't apply because no other president owned a resort where the G-7 could be held.

Doral has had a bedbug problem in the past, according to one lawsuit, prompting Vanity Fair to say that the G-7 may be forced to contend with that.

The price tag to secure the resort is expected to be overwhelmingly costly, but Trump has said he doesn't care about money. Doral will score the profits off of those taxpayer dollars, putting money directly into Trump's pocket.

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