'We've entered a shame-free zone': CNN's Sciutto appalled by Trump's 'mind-boggling' G7 corruption
Jim Sciutto (CNN/screen grab)

CNN's Jim Sciutto on Friday did not mince words when talking about President Donald Trump's decision to host next year's G7 summit at his own golf course in Doral, Florida.

During a segment about the president's multiple corruption scandals, Sciutto described Trump's G7 gambit as the president "explicitly, publicly steering a taxpayer-funded government contract to [his] own business." He then asked former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti to comment on why this scandal might get Trump into hot legal water.

"Our founders who wrote the Constitution were very concerned about foreign influence in our government," he said. "And so one clause that they put in, that you call the emoluments clause, essentially says that foreign leaders... should not be providing gifts or... any kind of money to the president of the United States."

Given that the G7 summit will feature multiple foreign leaders contributing directly to Trump's own business, Mariotti argued, that would appear to be a direct violation of the ban on presidential emoluments.

Sciutto then took a step back to marvel at the overt corruption taking place in the White House.

"We've entered this shame-free zone," he said. "It's mind-boggling at times."

Watch the video below.