Whoopi Goldberg fact-checks Abby Huntsman on moderate Trump voters: ‘That’s not the middle’
Whoopi Goldberg and Abby Huntsman (ABC)

"The View" host Whoopi Goldberg schooled Abby Huntsman, who argued that moderate voters would turn to President Donald Trump if Democrats moved too far left.

The panelists were discussing Tuesday night's debate with guest co-host Chelsea Clinton, who was sitting in for absent Joy Behar, and Huntsman praised the party's moderates.

"I give Mayor Pete (Buttigieg) and Amy Klobuchar kudos," Huntsman said. "Mayor Pete, who I have liked from the beginning, but last night was his best performance yet. (Joe) Biden also, but he delivers what Biden is saying, I think, so much better."

Huntsman and Goldberg clashed over the strength and thoroughness of Buttigieg's policy platforms, and the conservative co-host argued that his plans were more palatable to moderate voters.

"He does have a plan, and what I like about him is he says, let's live in reality," Huntsman said. "If you want to win this election, you have to give people a choice."

Huntsman particularly liked when Buttigieg challenged Beto O'Rourke's plan to confiscate military-style weapons.

"He said, this is a purity test," she said. "That's never going to pass, so let's live in reality. Once again, I think that is the way to beat Trump. If you go so far to the left and say, we're going to live in this world that's never going to exist, you're not going to get people in the middle. They've going to have no option but to maybe vote for Trump again. That's what's going to happen."

Goldberg said her dynamics were all wrong.

"If that's the only option for people in the middle, there's not the middle," Goldberg said. "That's not the middle if that's the only option."