World Series viewers eagerly await Trump being booed at Nationals stadium
Trump at Nats game (Photo: Screen capture)

Washington Nationals fans were eager to boo President Donald Trump as he entered the stadium for Game 5 of the World Series Sunday. While Trump brought a "big crew" of Republican officials with him, he said he was bringing wounded veterans with him. Some online noted it was probably a ploy to protect himself.

Bloomberg News reporter Jennifer Jacobs posted a photo of the president arriving to his box in section 119 at the stadium as well as photos of him arriving with other Republican officials.

The booing was anticipated because, as one Twitter user pointed out, the stadium holds more people than voted for Trump in Washington, DC in 2016.

But because Trump wasn't announced and came in after the National Anthem and the first pitch, Nats fans hardly noticed, Jacobs tweeted. Those who did see him booed and a few cheered.

One DC and UMD sports fan tweeted that he anticipated they wouldn't announce Trump at the game so there wouldn't be an opportunity for the large crowd to boo the president.

You can see the other responses from Twitter below: