'You can buy the USA' thanks to Trump: Counterintelligence expert
Malcolm Nance/MSNBC screen shot

Counterintelligence expert Malcolm Nance said during a political discussion Wednesday that the United States of America has clearly become a "pay-to-play" nation under President Donald Trump.

"After 2016, it became clear that the only thing we were really going to look into was Donald Trump's relationships with Moscow.," Nance said in a discussion with SiriusXM Progress host Dean Obeidallah.

"But I think it became pretty clear to the oligarchs that they weren't going after the oligarchs, they were going after Donald Trump and a very specific link to foreign intelligence," continued Nance. "And that meant their money could talk again. You have to understand, these people were doing it to lift these crippling sanctions that Trump fought tooth and nail against."

He noted that Trump still hasn't implemented the sanctions, despite talk that he's been the toughest on Russia than any president.

"These people understand that America is now a pay-to-play nation," Nance continued. "You can buy the United States of America. Every country knows that now, and to do that you need to be close to Donald Trump."

Listen to the clip below: