‘Baby Trump Blimp is no more’: CNN reports the iconic protest prop was knifed to death in Alabama
The Baby Trump Blimp on CNN (screengrab)

President Donald Trump traveled to Tuscaloosa, Alabama on Saturday to watch the Louisiana State University vs. Alabama football game.

Protesters brought the Baby Trump Blimp to the game, where it was destroyed.

"We’re not sure if he went out with a bang or whimper, but the sad fact is Baby Trump Blimp is no more," CNN's Ana Cabrera reported.

"One of the baby Trump protest organizers tells CNN an unknown man with a knife slashed the giant balloon as it appeared in Tuscaloosa, Alabama the same day as the president who inspired it stopped in for the ‘Bama/LSU game," she reported.

[caption id="attachment_1415879" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Trump Baby balloon -- YouTube screenshot[/caption]

"The organizer said he saw the perpetrator and someone described as a getaway driver apprehended by police," she noted. "CNN has reached out to the Tuscaloosa Police Department for a comment on any charges."